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Your Plastic Injection Molding Partner

Finding an injection molding company is easy. Finding an injection molding partner is much more rewarding. At SK Plastic Molding, we partner with you, delivering quality injection-molded products on-time, at competitive prices and tailored to your unique needs. Customers from a wide range of industries keep coming back because they can count on us to mold their success with consistent quality, fair pricing, maximum flexibility and timely solutions. 

Injection molding Industries

Computer & Business served

Computer & Business

Do you need custom plastic injection molding solutions for computers or other...

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Consumer / Agriculture served

Consumer / Agriculture

If you need custom plastic molding services for consumer /...

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Water Distribution served

Water Distribution

We do more than provide custom-molded plumbing and pump products. We provide...

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Military served


We understand the importance of meeting the one-of-a-kind challenges faced by...

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Industrial and Housing Applications served

Industrial and Housing Applications

Each of our industrial customers has specific challenges that require...

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Education served


Why do customers who need custom molding solutions for educational products...

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Marketing / Advertising served

Marketing / Advertising

Our energy and environment customers know where to turn when they have tough...

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Recreation / Sporting Goods served

Recreation / Sporting Goods

Looking for plastic injection molding for sporting goods or other recreational...

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SK Plastic Capabilities

Since each of our customers come to us with unique plastic injection molding challenges, it’s impossible to list every way we’ve been able to come through for all of them. Rest assured, however, that SK Plastic Molding has the capabilities to solve your unique problem. And we’re ready to start when you are.  

Industries served

A wide range of presses and materials.

Our can-do approach is only possible because we have the resources necessary to provide custom plastic injection molding solutions—on-time and on-budget. 

Ready for any tooling and design requests.

We believe every problem has a solution. And we never rest until we find it. The first step is to fully understand the specifics of your plastic injection molding challenge. And that’s what we do every time.

Industries served